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21 Easy Ways To Use Social Media To Get New Customers

  Social media marketing is about more than just gaining followers and likes, but sometimes it can be difficult, especially when starting out, to strategize around the right elements, and to use the platform-tools and options to achieve your business goals. But there are key, fundamental tasks that you need to be covering off in your approach, essential steps you need to take to move beyond the basics and into generating actual leads from your social efforts. Outlining this, Tonya Burge from Your Marketing Lady has created this in-depth infographic on the key social media marketing elements you need in order to formulate an effective social media marketing plan. Burge advises that brands need to first establish their business presence, then move beyond this by utilizing effective calls to action, providing customer service and driving traffic to your website. The graphic serves as a solid social media marketing blueprint - you can check out the full post here, or the graphic below Here

50 Social Media Questions for Awesome Engagement

On social media you need interaction. Without it, your content won’t get seen by your audience. But getting people to interact can be a challenge. But not anymore! Here are 50 conversation starters for your business. That’s about two months of work-week posts already done for you! 50 Fun Questions to Get to Know Your Audience In order to mix these up and add a little excitement, we’ve also solicited answers through emojis and GIFs. You can alter the structure of these questions in a way that fits your audience. What item does your household go through the quickest? What’s your favorite scent? Tell us where you were born in a GIF. Tell us how old you are by sharing the top song when you were born. Beach house or lake house? Mountains or beach? Name your favorite car of all time. Tell us a secret that your parents don’t know. Best gift you’ve ever received. What’s your favorite breakfast food? What’s your favorite ice cream topping? What do you call a carbonated beverage? (soda, pop, Cok