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5 Ways the Chamber Can Help Make You a Better Networker

Networking opportunities are everywhere. You no longer must leave your house to be able to network, but studies now show that online networking doesn’t hold the same power as in-person networking. Networking is critical to landing a job, learning about opportunities before they are broadcast, and getting more sales for your business. You need to do it, even if you hate it, and one of the easiest most effective networking groups is the chamber. But the chamber does more than just introduce you to others. It offers very strong networking tools and opportunities. Here are several things you probably didn’t know about how you can improve your business networking with chamber membership.  5 Ways You’ll Improve Your Networking Skills with a Chamber Membership According to HubSpot, 85% of people “say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person business meetings and conferences.” Chambers facilitate this on a weekly basis in some form or

Business Stories that Appeal to Millennials

3 Types of Business Stories that Appeal to Millennials © Can Stock Photo Inc. / kanzefar If you’re looking to increase your business sales among Millenials improving your storytelling is a good start. Telling your story effectively imparts a more human side to your business. It’s also memorable and develops an emotional connection between your business and your audience. Most sales gurus will admit it’s the emotional side of the brain that drives purchasing, so storytelling gets your business where you want to be. Effective Types of Storytelling for Gen Y The following types of stories will improve your connection to Gen Y but they should never be used disingenuously. Use what fits your business. Don’t alter your story just to get likes or shares, or customers. Saving the World Compared to their cynical Gen X predecessors, at least 39% of Gen Ys polled believe they will do something in their lifetimes that will contribute to the world becoming a better place. Tellin