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Decided To Use A Data Center? Central Wisconsin Is A Smart Choice. Here’s Why

CyberOne Data As a business owner, determining the right location for a data center is no small feat. There are innumerable factors to consider but there are a few that stand out: operating costs, capital costs, electrical and ISP reliability, natural disaster potential and the general business climate. Let’s look at each of these in more detail to see why central Wisconsin was our choice. Operating Costs While insurance, lease payments and ISP connectivity are considerable, one of the highest costs to a data center is energy consumption. It’s no secret that Wisconsin has some of the coldest weather in the United States. In fact, on average Wisconsin ranks 43rd for average temperature in the 50 states. How does that translate to lower operating costs for a data center? Simple. Less data center cooling means less electricity being used. And less consumption of electricity for cooling purposes means lower bills (full disclosure: I may be oversimplifying the argument but you get

Chamber Membership: A Nice Bonus for Employees

Chamber Membership: A Nice Bonus for Employees If you’re a chamber member, you may not give a lot of thought as to what that means for your employees but there are a lot of benefits for them as well. 1.     Lunch and Learns Chambers host Lunch and Learns and other seminars on topics such as social media and personal branding. These topics can be worthwhile for your employees. You can even use it as a free or inexpensive form of professional development. Don’t assume your employees know about these perks. Circulate the learning schedule among your employees. This is an effective way to get even more value from your chamber membership. Many younger employees are looking for ways to boost their skills and these sessions are a quick and easy source for learning. 2.     Discounts on Events Another benefit your employees may not be aware of is discounts on tickets to chamber events. Oftentimes, the chamber offers discounts to members on their ev