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Heart of Wisconsin Community Leadership Class Starts with a Choice

When you think about a leader, what do you think about? Is it the way they speak? The way they lead initiatives and ideas? Maybe how they empower others? All leaders start with the same action, a choice. Choosing to be a leader does not come easy. A leader has to acknowledge they will need to change. Leaders also will assess who they are as individuals and how they lead best. This choice will take them down a path of self-discovery that will impact not only themselves but others around them. The Heart of Wisconsin, Community Leadership Program is the first step in the choice to lead. The Community Leadership Program is an eight-month course that is an interactive program designed to provide a deeper understanding of our community. They will share practical tools for effective community leadership and empower participants to be catalysts for positive change. On Thursday, October 17th, 23 participants attended the Opening Retreat at Rosholt Lions Camp to begin their journey. Thi