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Game Time!

The eye’s are a mysterious thing. They see so much, yet they pick up only a few things. Test your eye’s with the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce new social media game #WhichChamberMember, a continuous game that will test not only your eyes, but your memory as well. Tune into the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Facebook and Twitter to participate in the #WhichChamberMember game. Starting June 24, 2016 the first #WhichChamberMember photograph will be posted. The photograph will feature one of our members. Challenge yourself by trying to guess which chamber member is being featured in the photograph. It’ll be somewhat tricky to guess the correct member. For assistance, refer to our member directory . Each post will prompt users to comment their answer and to include the hash tag #WhichChamberMember . The first user to guess correctly will receive a simple shout out on our Facebook and Twitter. The day after the fi