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6 Ways to Improve Customer Trust

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. “Knowing” comes from marketing and advertising. “Like” is cultivated by showing potential customers your human and endearing side. But how in the world do you help someone with minimal interaction with you and your business, trust you? It’s not as hard as you may think. 1.     Be Transparent in Your Copy Stay away from extreme superlatives—biggest, cheapest, most awesome ever. These claims make you sound like a disputable business and often are hard to believe. If you want to make an “-est” claim because you truly believe it, consider a guarantee to back up your word such as “cheapest price on this item in town or we’ll refund you the difference.” Someone who’s willing to make that claim must have confidence in it. 2.     Work at Getting More Reviews People believe reviews written by strangers much more than they believe marketing copy. Focus at least part of your marketing on improving the numbers of reviews you have

Rock Your Next Business Expo with These 10 Tips

Whether you’re attending a local chamber business expo or a trade industry show, you want to showcase your best self. Of course, that means sending a good team that represents your business well, having an enticing set up, and giving away something worthwhile in the eyes of the attendees. But what can you do to really stand out from the crowd at your next business expo? Here are a few things you might not have thought of: 10 Tips to Rock Your Next Business Expo     1.     Attend to needs. No one can listen to your business spiel if they need something physical. Often, that shows up in the form of rest needed for tired feet, a cool drink of water to satiate thirst, or the extremely important…charge for their dying phone. Be an oasis in the midst of the business expo by providing for all of the attendees’ basic needs. When you give something to someone or assist them in some way, they’ll feel obligated to listen to your pitch; at least until their phone is charged.

20 Gifts to Give Yourself and Your Business in 2018

We made it past the holidays and onto a brand-new year. Hard to believe the calendar when you see 2018 staring back at you. Didn’t we just start a new century yesterday? Most of us have spent a few weeks looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones, employees, clients, pets, teachers, and a host of others. It’s time you shift that generosity to yourself and your business with these gifts you should be giving. Gifts to Give Yourself and Your Business in the New Year 1.     Time. Start scheduling those things you’ve been meaning to do like exercise. Treat it like a meeting and schedule something regularly to meet your goals. Don’t cheat yourself out of this time. Your schedule will fall into place around it. 2.     Understanding. Everything you touch won’t always turn to gold. Cut yourself a break when it comes to your failures. Which brings us to…. 3.     Learning. Whether it be learning from your failures or taking an online course, self-development is critical t