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2017 Cranberry Blossom Fest

Welcome to Cranberry Country! Join in on the festivities! June 15 th through the 18 th we’re celebrating the beautiful blossom season. Wisconsin Rapids is in the heart of the cranberry country and we are proud to celebrate where the berries begin. The 10 th Annual Cranberry Blossom Festival is filled will “berry” fun events including live music, a car show, a parade, a carnival and of course culinary treats featuring Wisconsin’s #1 fruit crop, the cranberry! Schedule of Events Thursday, June 15 Lunch by the River 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.   Veterans Memorial Park Hosted by Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Gather the family and friends for an unforgettable lunch by the beautiful Wisconsin River. There will be entertainment, along with local food and beverage vendors. Grand Ave Artists at the McMillan Library 490 East Grand Ave, Wisconsin Rapids For the entire month of June, feast your eyes on creative artwork in the air-conditioned comfort o

5 Ways the Chamber Can Make Your Professional Life Easier

We’re all so busy these days. That’s part of the reason life hacks are so popular. But did you know one of the best professional life hacks is chamber membership? Here’s what you can get out of it to help you do more for your business or professional life with less: Professional Advice When you need assistance in business, either to take your business to the next level or maybe you’re thinking about selling your business, the chamber can help. There is no other better-connected business organization in your community. They know the professionals dedicated to your type of business problem and can place you in touch with them. The chamber can also provide assistance when you’re not even sure what kind of business acumen you need because it’s likely they’ve seen similar issues before.   A New Job Because the chamber is connected to so many businesses in town, they often know of openings before they are officially announced. They also are aware of businesses that are coming to

Small Business Advantage

5 Advantages Small Businesses Have Over Large  (and How to Capitalize on Them) David and Goliath is a great story, but let’s be honest, when it comes to small business the story often doesn’t have the same ending. We’ve watched it as local bookstores go out of business thanks to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We saw the local grocer close up shop to “spend more time with family.” But often it’s impossible to compete with the loss leaders of big stores and businesses. But it doesn’t have to be. Small businesses (under 150 employees) have several advantages over their larger competition. They just need to know how to leverage them.    Social Media Is the Great Equalizer Social media costs small businesses the exact same amount as it does larger ones to participate. Some platforms may roll out features to larger Fortune 100 businesses first, and they may have a better-known brand, but ultimately there’s the same cost of entry for all businesses. You don’t need