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17th Annual Downtown GRAND Affair

You are invited! 17 th  Annual Downtown Grand Affair Sunday, September 10 th , 2017 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The Heart of Wisconsin celebrates the gorgeous autumn season with music, food, children’s activities and more! The festivities will be located on West Grand Avenue and adjacent side streets. All types of vendors are accepted including arts and crafts, antiques, food and farm market produce. Another opportunity is to participate as a Grand Affair sponsor. Get your business front and center with an Autumn Sponsorship or support your community from the slide lines with a Fall Sponsorship. Event Calendar  Sponsorship/Booth Forms   Event Highlights Arts & Crafts Live Music  &  Food Vendors Beer Tent Car Show Farmers Market Kids Activities New this year! For only $1.00 you can take home  your very own Grand Affair Can Koozie.

5 Ways a Chamber Membership Can Balance Out Seasonal Business

If your business is seasonal, it probably feels a lot like feast or famine. You may love your seasonal crowds but hate the fear you won’t last long enough to see your next one. Seasonal businesses or businesses in towns with a seasonal draw struggle with year-round consistent revenue. While you might not ever achieve revenue equality throughout every month, a chamber membership can help you see a little steadier monthly income. Here’s how: 1.     A Chamber Is Often the First Place Visitors Stop Many visitors are conditioned to stop in at the chamber or the visitor’s bureau for information. While a chamber may answer questions about all businesses, it gives preference to its members. Being a chamber member can cause you to make the short list when the chamber staff are asked to give recommendations.   2.     They Host Cash Mobs Chambers often host cash mobs for members. A cash mob is an event where the chamber invites people to visit a business on a pre-arranged day. Th

5 Ways Your Customers Win with You as a Chamber Member

A Chamber membership is an investment in your business. As an investment, you undoubtedly expect a return. While it’s easy to look at what you paid for membership and how many new customers were sent you way through the chamber and calculate your return that way, there’s more to it than just that. For instance, did you know that your customers receive multiple benefits from you being a chamber member and those benefits can increase their loyalty? Here are 5 examples of how they win with your Chamber membership: 1.     You’re in the Know When you’re a member of the chamber you know what’s going on in the business community. You can pass this information along to your customers and look like a hero. For instance, let’s say you own a bakery. Your customer comes in for her morning coffee discouraged that she can’t find a job. As a chamber member, you’re plugged into the businesses that are hiring. You not only tell her about the position but you’re able to give her a referral t