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Is It Time to Embrace Emojis in Your Business Marketing?

Emojis are wildly popular on social media and personal correspondence but should they be used in business emails and posts? The answer might surprise you. Emojis are mini depictions of emotional responses, everything from smiley faces to high fives. 92% of online consumers admit to using them in some capacity, while 30% of Millennials admit not being able to go a day without them. Why the need for them? They communicate an emotion quickly, especially helpful in social media where space and attention span are limited, and it’s something people identify with. In 2015 alone, the use of emojis in marketing increased 777% but should you join them? The answer, of course, depends. It depends on a few things like:         Your business/industry         Your ideal customer or client demographic          Personal communication versus company-wide marketing Business/Industry It goes without saying that some industries are simply not receptive to this type of emotion-b