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Take Advantage Of Your Chamber Membership

You’re Out More Than the Cost of Dues If You’re Not Using Your Chamber Membership It’s obvious to mention that you’re losing money if you’re not using your chamber membership, but it’s more than just being out the membership dues. If you’re not using your membership to its fullest, you are losing potential customers, revenue, and you’re out significant cost savings. Here’s what you’re not taking advantage of: Member to Member Discounts These discounts are exclusively offered by members for members. The chamber works with businesses to bring savings to its members with exclusive deals. Depending on your spending, you could recoup a sizable portion of your dues with this program. Even if you’re not interested in saving money, being a part of this program will also expose your business to members and discounts could bring you new customers that you wouldn’t otherwise have. This not only brings in new revenue on whatever they spend, but they also may tell friends and fam

6 Reasons Solopreneurs Need a Chamber Membership

If you’re a solopreneur, you’re likely putting in some long hours building your business. Anything that helps you be more productive for little money is a necessary investment for you at this point. You may have thought briefly about the chamber and then decided against it because when you think of older people standing around talking about business, you probably figured it wasn’t for you. It’s not how business gets done nowadays. But the chamber offers a lot more than what you imagined and a lot of it can help you build a strong business in a much less time than going it on your own. Your Local Chamber Has Evolved It’s not the 1950s anymore. Chambers do a lot more than ribbon cuttings and host two-drink networking functions. They offer advanced programming, mentoring, business matchmaking services, social media resources, valuable content, trips, and member discounts. If you have an antiquated view of the chamber offerings, it’s time you reacquaint yourself with today’s