Thursday, July 7, 2016

To Golf Or Not To Golf? What A Silly Question...

Summer Hummer 2016

Here's your chance to spend the day on the golf course, network, and enjoy the beautiful day outside. Grab your clubs and join us for the 33rd Annual Summer Hummer Big Cup Golf Outing. The opportunity is here to network in a laid back environment. Get to know the businesses within the Heart of Wisconsin area while having fun on the golf course.

Afraid to stop by because your golf skills need improvement? No worries! This golf outing is a scramble format, often used at large-scale golf events. A prime advantage of a scramble is it allows players of all abilities to contribute to the team’s success and helps speed play. Golfers who are new to the format can quickly learn the rules and terminology. The most common scramble format is four players, but it can be used with fewer or more players. The Summer Hummer Big Cup Golf requires groups of four. If you’re a single player you’ll be paired with a group.

Community businesses around the Heart of Wisconsin area sponsor each hole. Sponsors have the opportunity to create a “mini golf game”. Golfers go from hole to hole playing various games event sponsors have created. Every year sponsors creatively make new challenges for the golfers. For example, a past sponsor created there own game called Beat the Staff Member. When the golfers arrive at the hole, the staff would challenge them to a distance-driving tournament. Whoever hits the ball closest to the hole wins. When staff members where beat, golfers would receive free raffle tickets. Every year sponsors create different engaging “mini golf games”, making for one interesting day. If you’re lucky enough, you can sink a hole-in-one and win $5,000 cash.

Quickly, grab your golf clubs and prepare yourself for an interesting day of golf. Gain insight about the businesses within the Heart of Wisconsin area on and off the golf course. The 33rd Annual Summer Hummer Big Cup Golf Outing is waiting for you.

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