Friday, April 22, 2016

Eat GREAT This Food Recommendation Friday!

Food Recommendation Friday
Andy’s Bar and Grille
(715) 423-2639
410 E Grand Ave, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Laughter is the loudest where food is the best and the smiles are bigger when the drinks impress. Stop into Andy’s Bar and Grill this Food Recommendation Friday. You cannot make any mistakes when taking your entourage to Andy’s. Every time I go to Andy’s I leave stuffed, satisfied and with a smile on my face. You’ll be smiling too once you try their incredible Cheese Curds. All the local Wisconsinites will inform you “Andy’s has the best Cheese Curds in town!”  Calm your appetite with something deep fired.  The Deep Fired Mushrooms are extraordinary, but their Pickle Chips will drive your taste buds crazy. Their Pickle Chips are southern style deep fried pickles served with ranch dressing. Yes, deep fired pickles! Can you dill with it?

Andy’s Bar and Grille’s flavorful signature sandwiches will keep you coming back for more. I just can’t get enough! Bite down into the Crispy Portabella Mushroom Sandwich, while trying to control your newfound love affection for this sandwich. Someone once told me great things come in three’s. This holds to be true when pertaining to the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich at Andy’s. Simply delicious! Eat with the big dogs and sink your teeth into The Mud Puppy, a slow roasted lean pork sandwich with their Mud Puppy Porter BBQ sauce, topped with creamy coleslaw. The coleslaw at Andy’s Bar is definitely one of a kind and it makes The Mud Puppy one outstanding sandwich. The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich will resonate with your inner Wisconsinite. It’s fill with Mozzarella, Swiss, and Pepper Jack cheese.  What a cheesy combination!  Don’t forget about the Andy’s Pub Burger, a half pound Angus chuck patty grilled to perfection with hickory seasoning and served with lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a fresh baked sourdough roll. Tasty!

Stop into Andy’s Bar and Grille for long laughs and great drinks. One customer’s stated, “the wine, beer and craft cocktail lists will surely impress”. So bring your whole entourage to Andy’s Bar and Grille. Grab a drink and dig your teeth into one of their lip smacking signature sandwiches. Don’t leave without asking for dessert!

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