Friday, January 29, 2016

Experience Food Recommendation Friday

Food Recommendation Friday
Blu Play Café

1000 E Riverview Expy Suite 170
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
(715) 712-1302

Creating an exceptional experience that a customer will always remember is something every business should strive for. Blu Play Café knows how to create a memorable experience. The café distinguishes itself from every other café, with a style all its own. They even have a soundproof play area for the kids off of the café. Sitting inside the café, you won’t notice the play area unless you look directly towards it. A glass wall separates the café from the play area. Now don’t be fooled, just because this café has a play area for children doesn’t mean that it’s just a place to bring the family. Blu Play Café is the prefect place to go out on a lunch date, study for your finals, or bring your best buds for one of their incredible wraps. Speaking of their wraps, if you haven’t tried one yet, you must! Talk about delicious! 

When I stopped into the café on Tuesday, January 26 the lady who was making my wrap, broke it down with a rap of her own. I can’t recall the rap word for word, but let me tell you I was very intrigued. After listening to her break it down for me, I couldn’t wait to bite down into the rapped wrap. Blu Play Café has many choices for wraps. You can choose your type of wrap (wheat, gluten free, spinach, jalapeno cheddar, etc.), meat (turkey, ham, roast beef, etc.) and then your veggies and sauce. Like combo deals? Well, they have a few different choices. Get your wrap with a beverage and your choice of soup, chips, or a trip to the salad bar. Consisting of fresh veggies, you can’t go wrong with the salad bar. 

Don’t forget to order a tasty treat! Ice cream, popcorn and cookies are some of the classic favorites that they offer. Blu Play Café can calm any sweet tooth craving. Speaking of their treats, I believe I’ve discovered my new favorite muffin place. They have unbelievably good muffins. Their most recommended would be the chocolate chip muffin, but I just loved the banana muffin. After diving into all these tasty treats you’re going to need something to wet the whistle. Offering mind-blowing smoothies and heart-warming coffee, the café has what you need. Looking for an exceptional lunchtime experience? Stop into Blu Play Café, they’ll leave you with a satisfied tummy and time to remember.  

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