Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Explore the Water on a Stand Up Paddleboard!

Katey Bailey from the Little Online Agency went Stand Up Paddleboarding with Kim Kinsey of SUP the Rapids. Below she tells us about her wonderful experience Stand Up Paddleboarding. Hope you all get a chance to experience Stand Up Paddleboarding in Wisconsin for yourselves.  

Explore the Water on a Stand Up Paddleboard

There is a hidden gem located on the Wisconsin River that shouldn’t be a secret any longer. You’ve seen kayaks, canoes and boats out on the water, but have you notice that all of these activities require you to sit? Now, there’s a water sport activity that will work your entire body, stand up paddleboarding.

Kim Kinsey was out in the Colorado the first time she went SUPing. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to bring it back home with her. She started SUP the Rapids, LLC, in the summer of 2013. She now offers classes, tours and rentals (she even makes deliveries).

I got the chance to try standup paddleboarding last week and I’ll be honest, I was hesitant. I own a kayak and have gone canoeing, but I’m definitely not an expert by any means. I was very nervous about tipping and falling over.

Kim and I started out by putting on lifejackets and going through a few instructions. We put the paddleboards in the water and started paddling on our knees. After getting comfortable, it was time to stand, and it was much easier than I ever imagined. The paddleboard felt extremely stable.

We paddled under the Riverview Expressway Bridge and around the small island. Kim told me all about the history of the sawmills on the Wisconsin River. The whole trip took about an hour.

The SUPing season has officially begun! If you haven’t tried stand up paddleboarding, it is certainly worth experiencing for yourself. Kim is a patient and enthusiastic instructor. She also delivers paddleboards to the Wisconsin Rapids surrounding area within a 15-mile radius including Nepco Lake, Lake Wazeecha and Lake Arrowhead. However, if you haven’t tried stand up paddleboarding in the past, I highly suggest taking a class with Kim; you will feel much more comfortable in your board.

Try something new this summer! Explore the Wisconsin waters from a new perspective with a stand up paddleboard. Visit to learn more about Kim Kinsey and stand up paddleboarding.

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